4 Experts, 5 Cities, 35 Of You In Each. Come Have A Conversation.

strands An exciting workshop on Web Analytics and Marketing ROI for executives is coming to a city near you.

This is the culmination of a conversation that Shane, Jason and I had over lunch five months ago in Seattle.

The idea was to put together a power packed day for senior executives to have an immersive experience that would provide actionable insights that they could go back and implement the very next day and drive immediate results.

No hype. No fud. No theory. No product demos. Just a day of getting the benefit of years of practical real life experience with a stress on reality and action.

Thanks to the brave efforts of Norman and Stuart the workshop has actually come to life, and they are happening soon (!!).

The Marketing ROI Executive Workshop is co-sponsored by Omniture and Zaaz. It is taking place in five cities around the US between July 10 and July 25.

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Shane Atchison, Jason Burby, Brent Hieggelke and yours truly are the presenters at the workshop.

You all know Shane and Jason as the Zaaz dynamic duo! :) They are also authors of the excellent new book: Actionable Web Analytics. Brent has worked in the web analytics industry for a number of years and is currently the VP of Strategic Marketing, Omniture. He has been there and done that lots. If you are reading this blog you know me and my background.

Here is a summary of the presentations (click here for detailed workshop agenda):

  • Five Secrets to Building A Marketing ROI Organization
    Does your business need an analytics intervention?
    Shane Atchison & Jason Burby
  • Analytics Evolves
    Automated Optimization and On-site Behavioral Targeting
    Brent Hieggelke
  • Transform Web Analytics into Performance Marketing
    Do you find yourself paralyzed by mountains of data?
    Avinash Kaushik
  • Making it Happen: Creating Your Action Plan
    Walk Away with a Personal Roadmap for a Performance Marketing Organization
    All Experts

Please visit www.webanalytics.com/seminars for all the details, or if you are already convinced :) then click here to register.

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This workshop will be very different from others that you have attended because the emphasis will not be to sell you anything.

The emphasis will be on sharing knowledge, tips, and best practices, all of which should enable you to improve ROI from your online marketing efforts and drive some fundamental change for your organizations. You'll be able to apply the insights regardless of what web analytics tool you use.

For an Analytics Evangelist, me, it really does not get better than this, go out an truly evangelize the power of data and web analytics and organizational transformation.

I hope you'll consider attending this fun workshop, and hope to meet some of the blog/book readers on the road.


PS: Norman has just emailed (at 2345 hrs!) that the first two people in each city (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco) who email me a good ROI story will get a nice discount. If you are interested please send your story to blog at kaushik dot net.


  1. 1

    Wow! I am sure this is going to be a great workshop.

    The agenda looks great! will look froward for a copy of presentation/s when available.


  2. 2

    Man, I wish I could attend any of these. Avniash if you could suggest Miami, FL that would be great! Everyone loves South Florida this time of year :)

  3. 3

    Wow! This looks fantastic .. hmm .. but why aren't you coming to Boston?

  4. 4

    Beth : Thanks for the interest. Boston is lovely (Judah was kind enough to give me a wonderful walking tour!).

    There will be a few more cities in the fall that will host these seminars. I have heard a bunch of interest from Boston, Dallas and Miami, and I am going to forward those to our dear coordinators.



  5. 5

    Let me emphatically and with gusto SECOND that Boston request!

    Dinner is on me! 8^)

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