Top Ten Web Analytics Blogs : January 2007

[There is a updated version of this post: Top Ranked Blogs: April 2007.]

LycheeHere’s the much awaited :) latest edition of the top ranked web analytics blogs. (Older Editions: Sept ‘06, July ‘06)

Each time I put together this list it bets better. This time around I have taken the feedback from all of you and evolved the ranking and consideration process slightly (after all this blog is a active advocate for Voice of Customer!).

To be considered for the top blog rankings each blog should primarily be on the topic of Web Analytics (50% of greater number of posts) as judged by a qualitative review (by me) over the last couple of months and the blog should have regular posts during the same time period (the criteria is loose but atleast four to six posts so lots of wiggle room).

 If you feel your blog should be on this list but is not please email me (blog at kaushik dot net), especially if you are a non-English blog (we want worldwide representation no matter what language you write in).

Here are the top web analytics blogs:

Rank Blog Jan '07 Sept '06 Jul '06
1 Google Analytics Blog
by Jeff Gills
3,532 5,005 N/A
2 Occam's Razor
by Avinash Kaushik
3,757 6,591 20,124
3 Web Metrics Guru
by Marshall Sponder
6,965 7,126 8,086
4 Web Analytics World
by Manoj Jasra
17,509 35,315 N/A
5 Eric Peterson's Analytics Weblog
by Eric Peterson
27,762 36,838 91,240
6 Unofficial Google Analytics Blog
by Michael Harrison
31,253 36,319 61,923
7 Increasing your website's conversion rate
by Robbin Steif
31,253 43,761 76,223
8 Lies, Damned Lies…
by Ian Thomas
54,743 N/A N/A
9 Instant Cognition
by Clint Ivy
69,018 106,153 225,302
10 Blog
by Aurélie Pols
80,978 N/A N/A

Personal Observations:

  • To be on the list this time around you would have needed atleast 44 unique blogs to link to you, to be ranked #1 you would have needed 588 unique blogs to link to you in the last six month period.

  • Mr. Thomas charges into the list at a respectable # 8 with his excellent blog Lies, Damned Lies. Welcome Ian.

  • I am personally pleased that atleast one international blog on the list, the OX2 blog (but we request René and Aurélie to keep their valuable contributions coming!!).

  • There are some impressive movers on the list as you can see.

Personal Best Blogs Ranking:

As I have done in the past I would like to present my own personal ranking of the best web analytics blogs in the last few months (using the criteria that they “Eat like a bird, and poop like an elephant”). I value their contributions because their add value by teaching all of us by sharing their wisdom.

    #1: Commerce 360 Blog – Craig Danuloff
    (Craig makes a repeat appearance on this list, this time as #1. I love reading Craig’s blog, his recent series on SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and SEM, Search Engine Marketing, is full of valuable wisdom. If you have a blog please link to Craig’s so that we can get him on the Top 10 ranking list!)

    #2: Tracking Techniques – Chris Furlong
    (I wish Chris posted a lot more because even from his few posts it is clear that he has tons of practical wisdom to share, as in his latest post: Reporting For Start Ups – Getting it right from the get go. I hope showing up here will be a small encouragement for Chris! :)).

    #3: Immeria РSt̩phane Hamel
    (Stéphane’s blog provides another international, Canadian, perspective on Web Analytics. I am very impressed with his posts such as: Box plot and whisker plots in Excel 2007. Keep ‘em coming Mr. Hamel.)

Please read these blogs, sign up for their RSS feeds, and generally encourage the bloggers (it is a tough slog to keep a blog going with everything else in their lives and I am sure a word here and a word there is motivation enough to sustain all bloggers).

So what do you all think? What are your absolute favorite blogs? Who should be on the list but is not? Please share your feedback via comments.

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  1. 2

    Ooh! How exciting! I don't think I've ever been in a top 10 before. Makes me want to go over to my blog and write something insightful…


  2. 3

    Everybody had that kind of question during a job interview: "where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years"…

    The answer was never "I want to be a boss" or "I want to do this or that"… My answer was, and it's still, that I want to be appreciated and recognized in my field of expertise.

    Today I'm feeling a bit closer to my goal. Especially when this recognition comes from someone like Mr.Avinash Kaushik!


  3. 4

    It's an honor to be in such great company. Avinash you're knocking on the door of #1!

    Thanks for the mention.

  4. 5

    Next time I hopefully will make it….! Great post!

  5. 6

    Hi Avinash,

    Thanks for the … wake up call ;-)
    Sorry about the silence. I needed some time to myself, looking at my own backyard instead of staring across the ocean ;-)

    I'm really flattered and hope that you are well.
    It's snowing on Brussels tonight as the winter doesn't want to give way to Spring, just yet.

    I was thinking. Wouldn't it be interested to add some kind of agreggated feed of these 10-13 blogs?
    Thought it might help WA adoption ;-)

    Have a nice evening and looking forward to grabbing a bite in London. Hopefully, Spring will attend as well.


  6. 7

    To piggy back on Aurélie's comment about an aggregated feed, I've been maintaining a list of nearly 50 blogs talking about Web Analytics. The blog list is here:
    and the feed here:

    As a bonus, I built the Web Analytics Coop Search that now covers 115 specialized web sites (WA solutions, blogs, references, services, usability, SEO, etc.) at

    You can become a contributor to the Google Co-Op Search or suggest new blogs and web sites to add.


  7. 8


    I am trying to get a list of all the blogs on web analytics. Can you please share with me how you extracted this list? Also is there a way to know when the blog went live?


  8. 9

    Anil: The list started with a technorati tag search and now it covers both what I find there and all the other Web Analytics blogs I have on my RSS reader.

    Click here to see the technorati results for Web Analytics.

    I had looked up the start date of each blog manually. You'll find the last published list from me at: Top Ten Web Analytics Blogs : September 2006.

    Hope this helps.


  9. 10

    Hi Avinash,

    one caveat about technorati, not sure what rating system they use but if you search users with the tag 'web analytics', i'm surprisingly in 5th place…

    It doesnt seem to be ranked by registration date, username or anything… Any idea?

    Oh and of Course Aurélie already mentioned how excited we are to be in your top ten ;)



  10. 11


    As proposed I would like to inform about my German Web Analytics Blog:

    This is up and runnung since February 2007. Germany still needs to know more about Web Analytics and is not as informed as USA or UK. So, if You are interested, come and visit the German Web Analytics Blog.

    Best regards,
    ralf haberich.

  11. 12

    I tried to visit some of your recommended web analytic but i failed to get at least one working one. Can you give me direct link.

  12. 13

    Few of the blogs, I read daily including yours and some of the links not working.

  13. 14

    This list is awesome. Has anything more current been released since this 2007 list?

    Thank you!

    • 15


      I don't have an updated version of that list. But on the right navigation of every post I have my blog roll which has my top ten blogs as well as a selection of other blogs on analytics that I really like. You can refer to them for great content in our space.



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