Searchnomics 2007 Conference (and Robbin Steif)

CanadaThe Searchnomics 2007 Conference will be held on June 27th in wonderful Santa Clara, California.

The agenda of the conference will cover some of the best stuff (and yes best practices) in Search, including Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Branding and Innovation. For more details please check out the conference agenda.

There are some cool speakers at the conference including Marissa Mayer (VP Search Products, Google), Bill Tancer (GM, Global Research, Hitwise -hi Bill!), James Lamberti (SVP, comScore), Kevin Wilk (Sr. Director, Agency Dev, Yahoo!).

The conference also has a dedicated Web Analytics track (all web analytics, all day long!), our very own Web Analtyics Guru Eric Peterson will be speaking.

Check out the conference program at the conference website.

Switching gears….

Raise your hands if you don't know Robbin Steif? I don't see any hands raised. That's what I thought. :)

From a place of deep love Robbin's running a delightful little contest: Criticize Google Analytics, Win Prizes. She is aiming to harness the wisdom of crowds to help drive improvements to GA website content. If you are in the market for couple of exciting prizes (and come on who is not!) in exchange for a little bit of work.

Check out Robbin's blog for more details. Thank you.

Switching gears again….

Dylan Lewis, my former colleague from Intuit, has created a wiki where all web analytics practitioners and observers can collaborate and learn. Here's Dylan:

I am pleased to announce that is now up and running. is THE place to provide details, articles, lore, and information about the world of web analytics.

This wiki is meant to provide an online resource for web analytics professionals and people wanting to know more about web analytics. Contributing to it will help shape the web analytics industry, community, and future web analysts.

Here is the goal – create 300 articles in 3 months. 300 articles will help the wiki become THE resource for new and existing web analytics professionals.

I applaud Dylan's effort and hope that you can join in and help make a valuable resource.

[PS: I think my shortest post ever! What do you think? :)]


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    I don't care if your posts are long or not. They're always intelligent ones ;-)

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    You don't have to write a full-length professional web analytics article always… Short one like this is also very nice to me!


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    John B says

    Avinash noticed that you were also going to be speaking at the Searchnomics conference. I have signed up today, look forward to meeting you.


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