Got Surveys? Recommendations from the Trenches

Qualitative analysis is very important, especially in our world where we Web Analysts lean perhaps a bit too much towards clickstream data as the source of almost all reporting and analysis.

In my post on importance of Qualitative data it was discussed why understanding the Why was critical (if you have not read that post it has foundational material that you might read before reading this one, please click here).

When you think Usability perhaps the thought of Lab Usability Testing comes to mind. Or maybe Follow Me Homes or Eye Tracking or other fancier methodologies come to mind. I am sure Surveys don’t, and but surveys, done right, can…

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Marketing Monger: Web Analytics Podcast

I spoke with Eric Mattson of Marketing Monger on the topic of Web Decision Making. You can check out the resulting podcast on his blog.

Eric is on a path to conduct 1,000 podcasts of Marketers, Innovators and Entrepreneurs. If you are interested in those three categories I definitely recommend his blog, he has spoken to very interesting people in the web space.

You can also download the podcast here: MarketingMonger Podcast (5.12 mb, 22 mins).

In our conversation we covered many points in the web analytics and insights arena. The following questions we covered in some detail:

What to look for when looking for great Web Analytics, and where? How do you begin…

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