London Calling. Dinner Anyone?

London_bridgeI am going to be in London next week presenting at the E-consultancy Masterclass. I was wondering if anyone would like to get together for dinner on Tuesday night, November 21st. We can talk shop or web analytics or the Iraq war (!) or anything else. If you are interested please email me at blog at kaushik dot net.

Perhaps we can meet at 1800 hrs and go from there until we have to get back to our homes / work. : )

I am staying at: 162 Cromwell Road London SW5 0TT. I honestly have no idea where it is, but some place close to this location would be good. I'll be happy to travel to a alternative location if someone would be kind enough to send me directions or meet at the hotel and commute with me.

I would love to meet some of our blog readers or web analytics practitioners since we have so many in the UK.



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    Can't do London, but would love to have a chat about Web Insights if you in the Austin Area…..

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    Tim Leighton-Boyce says

    Not sure where's good to eat in that part of town, although there are plenty of places in Gloucester Road. What does distinguish that area is that it's the location of three big national museums: The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. They're within walking distance along the road you're staying on.

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    Tim Leighton-Boyce says

    I've just had a thought. The Troubadour is not that far away and is a very distinctive place especially if you're interested in the music of the sixties/seventies. It's a bit less cramped now than when people like Dylan or Hendrix played there, but it's still unlike most UK cafes and restaurants.

    Can get very busy in there, though.

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    If you fancy Spanish, would suggest Tendido Cero, on Old Brompton, about 10 min walk from your hotel.

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    Great suggestion, the tapas were almost as enjoyable as the conversation! Great to meet you Avinash, make sure you let us know next time you're in town.
    The Motley Fool UK

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