Hello world!

It is quite appropriate that Hello World are the first two words in this blog. It joins 39.6 million others per Technorati today (14 May 2006).

Hello world indeed.



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    Welcome to the blogosphere Avinash, although you are amongst the 39 million, you've tipped the blogosphere in our favor. We're very honored to have your opinions, expertise and knowledge shared among the collective

    Welcome –and enjoy your blogging journey

    Jeremiah Owyang

  2. 2

    There's only one person I have met this year, that I have told, "you absolutely should start a blog". I'll give you one guess who that is? :-)

    Welcome to the club! You're wallet card, bumper sticker and instructions for the secret handshake are in the mail!


  3. 3

    Hi Avinash,

    I'm pretty green with web analytics and have learned a lot from your site. I've spent a lot of time reading your posts, and thought, maybe I should go back to the beginning of Occam's Razor, and read through it from beginning to the end. Here I am, just read your first post.

    Thanks for all of your wonderful insight!


  4. 4

    Hi Avinash :)
    Time to work my way up from here. Feeling excited, time-traveling :)

  5. 5

    Hello Avinash!

    Greatings from Russia!
    I've found translation of your post

    So now I'm here to start reading your journey in Data from the beginning :)

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