Web Analytics Flamenco in Barcelona!

BeautifulFlamenco: A Spanish musical genre with strong, rhythmic undertones and is often accompanied with a similarly impassioned style of dance characterized by its powerful yet graceful execution, as well as its intricate hand and footwork. (Source)

Web Analytics: A data analysis genre with strong, rhythmic undertones, often accompanied with a similarly impassioned analyst whose life is characterized by powerful yet graceful execution, as well as intricate hand and mind-work.

Result from either: Euphoria!


My friends and I are putting together a boutique conference in Barcelona, Spain, on June 4, 5, and 6.

It will be practical, it will be cutting edge, it will inspire, and most of all it will be fun.

The agenda is truly Web Analytics 2.0, and cover the entire spectrum, not just clickstream and traditional web analytics.

Just you and some of the nicest and smartest folks in the world. Bring your actual problems, we promise to help find actionable answers.

The conference will be in English, though there will be plenty of European languages around.

If it sounds like something of value please consider attending.


Practitioner Web Analytics 2008

I hope to see some of you there. Thanks.

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Two unrelated notes:

* I switched website hosts this week, if you had trouble finding the site or it was slow to respond then I apologize for the inconvenience. I hope things are back to normal.

* I have been meaning to update my About page for months now and I have finally done that. Check out the new and imporved About Page, and please share your feedback. Better? What's missing?

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    Interesting analogy to Flamenco :-). You can also add that like Flamenco, which is a tripartite art involving singing, dancing and the guitar simultaneously (rhythimically punctuated by hand-claps), the core of good webanalytics is made up of three components- Behavior, Outcome, & Experience (I remember someone expostulating that:-)) punctuated by the right rewards and redesign based on the feedback.


  2. 2

    I suppose it may be too soon to tell, but is there any way I can dare hope for this type of thing repeated in 2009? As weird as it may sound, my summer is already scheduled, booked, closed. :) And Spain … wow! (deep sigh)

    @Ned – that is sincerely brilliant!

  3. 3
    Abigail says

    Avinash, thank you for coming to Spain! I am going to ask my management to send me to this conference, even if it is the only one I attend. I am very excited to see you present.


  4. 4

    Thanks Jen. It was the guru's idea — I just added some embellishments :-)

  5. 5

    Glad that you are coming to Spain. Looking forward to it.

  6. 6


    What were your reasons to change web host?

    Web host change takes time and effort, especially if you want to minimize downtime.

  7. 7

    Ned: I am humbled at your genius, that is one smart comment!! Thank you so much!

    Jen: Next year? Not sure at the moment, if this unique event works then we'll do more for sure. And we hope to see you!

    Dennis: I moved from lunarpages.com to mediatemple.com, I was having too many problems with the former.

    Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in attending the event, I look forward to seeing you.


  8. 8

    Hi Avinash. I read your blog every day. I am happy you are coming to barcelona but i didn´t like the way your presented it.

    Flamenco ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿? YOu are a good analyst Avinash, and as a good one i expect you to have a good degree of culture and analysis.

    Spain is not about Flamenco and toros. I am really sorry, but most of us we do not like this label on us.

    We´ve got a nice culture, nice and important artists, good writers, nice places to visit (and not only the ones with sun and beach) and many other things…

    Secondly, the conference is in Barcelona…catalunya….where there is no flamenco, or toros…and we even speak another language: catalan….

    It´s really nice again to hear you are coming over, but Avinash, the same way you advise to read about your book in web analytics, i would recommend you to read a book about Spain…a proper one…

    I shall see you in barcelona then…

  9. 9

    If we had known earlier we could possibly have got you some highly relevant interested parties to attend. If you are hosting events in Spain again, let us know.

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