The Burmese Satyagraha

gandhi satyagrahaSatyagraha is a philosophy and practice of nonviolent resistance developed by Mahatma Gandhi.

Satya is the Sanskrit word for "truth," and graha can be rendered as "effort/endeavor."

I grew up in a very young free India with stories of our own struggle against occupation and oppression. They left a deep and indelible mark on me.

Reading about the brave Burmese Monks brings deep emotions and a even deeper sense of empathy of their cause.

There are lots of way to do struggle wrong, I bow my head to the Monks and I pray for their safety.

The pictures tell the story…….

burmese satyagraha 01

burmese satyagraha 02

burmese satyagraha 03

burmese satyagraha 04

Please consider doing your part for the cause of the Burmese people:

justice-aung san suu kyi

We can all make a difference. Thank you.


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    Thanks for this very relevant and timely reflection on an issue that should concern all of us.

    Too often, we North Americans throw around words like "bravery," "courage," and "resistance to tyranny" almost flippantly.

    This is a true instance of courage, in an impoverished country that has suffered much and received very little attention for it.

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    Jennifer Reynard says

    I came back to this entry three times today before finally making a comment. It is so difficult to think of anything to say that isn't random or completely useless.

    I hope that there will be justice in Myanmar (and Zimbabwe, and Dafur) sometime soon. I do think that people the world over need to be aware that for some people civil liberties is a theoretical concept. Sometimes, when faced with our inability to do anything, we should just remember to pray and to hope, and where possible to raise our voices in protest.

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    Thanks for the the non-violent prod to act, Avinash!

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    David Fletcher says

    Avinash: Thank you, for identifying such a worthy cause. I join you adding my voice to the efforts of the monks in Myanmar. It is great that even in this day and age some believe that the gun is not the answer.

    On a different note, it is always nice to get to know the person behind the blog. Thanks for sharing a bit of your passion with us.

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    About ten years ago when I visited Laos and Cambodia, I was struck by the kindness and gentleness of the monks in their saffron coloured robes. And was honoured to be able to visit their temple in Luang Prabang and see them work – they continue to scythe the long grass by hand. We were asked by some if we would like to visit Burma/Myanmar but didn't because we had heard the terrible stories of villages laid to waste and ruin and then rebuilt 20 miles away as a "tourist attraction" where all the proceeds would go to the Junta. So, a passive way to support is not to visit official/touristic Burma and keep lining the pockets of those who are oppressing the people/monks. A better way, would be getting involved with the Burma campaign. Thanks Avinash for using the influence of your blog for the good. Marianina

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    how deeply moving. Thank you for this.

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    YANGON, Myanmar – Soldiers in Myanmar pounded down on dissenters Friday by swiftly breaking up street gatherings of die-hard activists, occupying key Buddhist monasteries and cutting public Internet access. The moves raised concerns that a crackdown on civilians that has killed at least 10 people this week was set to intensify.

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    Thank you Avinash for "blogging" about this. Just the other day i was talking to someone about the name transition from Rangoon to Burma to Myanmar. Non-violent philosophies hold true to even this day and age……

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    Raghavendra Udupa says

    The break up of 'satyagraha' into 'satya' and 'graha' is incorrect according to the Sandhi rules of Sanskrit, I think. The correct breakup is 'satya' + 'Agraha' where 'Agraha' means demand. So, 'satyagraha' literally means demanding truth.


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