Overview & Importance of Qualitative Metrics

Imagine walking into and out of a supermarket. If you did not purchase anything then the supermarket managers probably don't even know you were there. If you purchased something, the supermarket knows something was sold (they know a bit more if you use a membership card).

Visiting a website, you leave behind a significant amount of data, whether you buy something or not. The website knows every "aisle" you walked down, everything you touched and everything you put in your cart and then discarded. If you buy, the site manager knows where you live, where you came to the website from, which promotion you are responding to, how many times…

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Traditional Web Analytics is Dead

We have all lived "web analytics" analytics for a long time. There are practitioners and vendors and a well established "system" of working and thinking. Yet companies are frustrated at their ability to fundamentally understand the data and take action. I have come to the conclusion that there are multiple forces that are at play and the world of traditional web analytics is now dead.What does the world of web analytics look like? If we measure any of the following it is likely that we live in the world of web analytics: Page Views Path Analysis Track HITS Daily Unique Visitors (!!!) Top Exit Pages on the Site Visitor Screen…

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