Marketing Monger: Web Analytics Podcast

I spoke with Eric Mattson of Marketing Monger on the topic of Web Decision Making. You can check out the resulting podcast on his blog.

Eric is on a path to conduct 1,000 podcasts of Marketers, Innovators and Entrepreneurs. If you are interested in those three categories I definitely recommend his blog, he has spoken to very interesting people in the web space.

You can also download the podcast here: MarketingMonger Podcast (5.12 mb, 22 mins).

In our conversation we covered many points in the web analytics and insights arena. The following questions we covered in some detail:

What to look for when looking for great Web Analytics, and where? How do you begin…

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Path Analysis: A Good Use of Time?

Path Analysis: A process of determining a sequence of pages visited in a visitor session prior to some desired outcome (a purchase, a sign up, visiting a certain part of site etc). The desired end goal is to get a sequence of pages, each of whom form a path, that lead to a desired outcome. Usually these paths are ranked by frequency.

Is doing Path Analysis a good use of time? In my humble opinion the answer is a rather emphatic no, except for one exception (which I’ll discuss below). Almost always Path Analysis tends to be a sub optimal use of our time, resources and any money that is…

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