Top Ranked Web Analytics Blogs

A simple process of trying to create a Top 10 list of Analytics blogs can be complex, here is the story (with some reporting tips sprinkled in).

Of the 44.2 million (!!) blogs out there today 0.00013% from the field of "web analytics". I wanted to create a list of the top 10 web analytics blogs both to satiate my curiosity and also to create a handy list of resources for people interested in web analytics.

The process of coming up with the list was fraught with decisions similar to what we might run into while creating a web analytics report. What tool to use? How to identify relevant blogs (remember as of…

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Top Ten: Signs You Are A Great Analyst

I am often asked what we look for when we hire Web Analysts or what quality do good Analysts possess or how to measure if a resource that already exists is optimal or how to mentor / motivate / guide our more junior Analysts to propel them to become great Analysts. This blog post is an attempt to answer all those questions wrapped into one.

We all agree that reporting is not analysis. We all agree that great analysts are hard to come by and few and far between (yet it is interesting that people disagree with the 10/90 rule and keep insisting on spending money on tools). So what…

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