Avinash @ Google TechTalk

On July 24th I had the privilege of giving a presentation at the Google Mountain View headquarters as a part of Google’s TechTalk series (thanks Brett). The topic was Customer Centric Web Decision Making.

The talk covered some of the topics that I have already blogged about here but there is a lot of new material I have not had a chance to blog about.

I really enjoyed the session and thought that I’ll share the video with you all. The video is 46 mins long and there are some great questions from the Google audience at the end.

I have to forewarn you that the quality of the video is good but not exceptional. Most of…

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Stop Obsessing About Conversion Rate

Most web analytics practitioners define Conversion Rate as the percent of site visitors who do something the company who owns the website wants them to do. So submit a order, sign up for a email, send a lead etc.

Measuring Conversion Rate is usually the cornerstone, if not the king queen and jester of the court, of any web analytics program. It is perhaps the very first “KPI” that is measured by any good analyst and we can’t seem to get enough of it.  We report it up and down the chain of command and it occupies a place of prime importance when we present to senior management.

After all why…

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