Three "Spire's" of Great Leadership

My presentation at the emetrics summit in Washington DC is on the topic of “Creating a Data Driven Web Decision Making Culture” and the slides are forming in my mind right now.

One important element of a great culture is great leadership. Team’s, companies, organizations are truly a reflection of their leaders, it is really spooky how much that happens.

There are more books on leadership then you can count and even more points of view on what makes for great leadership. The great benefit of having a blog is that it is easy to add to the discussion. There is little damage I can do to the general world…

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Excellent Analytics Tip#5: Conversion Rate Basics & Best Practices

It is only fair to follow up a post titled "Stop obsessing about conversion rate"  with this post.  (Just in case you have not read the Stop Obsessing post that please read that first for more context).

Conversion rate is a very important metric, used properly. Here is my point of view on the basics and best practices for measuring conversion rate.

Definition first: Conversion rate, in percentage, equals Outcomes divided by Unique Visitors during a particular time period.

What are Outcomes: From a macro perspective any reason for which your website exists. Most frequently this is the total number of orders submitted or total number of leads collected or total number…

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