Trinity: A Mindset & Strategic Approach

Some of you have heard me speak at a conference, I always have a deep passion and excitement when I talk about the “Trinity”. I wax and wane about it and go on and on about how fantastic the “Trinity” is. But it took a comment from Lisa Seaman to make me realize that I had not written about the “Trinity” on this blog. So Lisa asks wisely: “I’m not sure I ever got what the “Trinity” is.” My fault Lisa, here’s a post just for you. : )

A couple of years ago we were grappling with the challenges of “web analytics” : ) and how to solve them. My thinking…

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Measuring Success for a Support Website: A Point of View

There is a beautiful hypothesis that of all the touch-points a business has with its customers there are just a small handful that are Moment’s of Truth, essentially interactions that make or break the relationship (and in turn any future profits, customer loyalty, etc).

For example in case of your credit card company the moment of truth is when you call them to report your card lost. You are desperate and probably freaked out about charges someone could be making, and when you press 4 (or whatever) and the first question out of the operators mouth is: What is your credit card number? Or something equally silly. You just pressed…

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