Two Definitions Documents & A Web Analytics Interview.

The great discussion on the last post on Visitors generated a lot of great comments. One of the great side benefits was that Scott ( shared a great document and a link that IMHO would be quite beneficial to all our readers. Thanks very much Scott.

The first document is Web Analytics Key Metrics and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) by the WAA. Click here to download (14 pages).

Why should you read this document? Guy Creese and Jason Burby have done a fantastic job of:

Outlining KPI’s by Site Type: Content sites (ad based & subscription based), Customer Service sites, Commerce sites and Lead gen sites.

Identifying KPI’s by Process: Reach…

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Standard Metrics Revisited: #1: Visitors

Sometimes it is well worth stepping back from the bleeding edge and taking a fresh look at something very familiar, the non-bleeding edge. In this new series I hope to revisit some extremely well established and accepted metrics with the goal of providing fresh insights.

The first one is the metric that is the bedrock of all web analytics: “Visitors”. Almost every metric and report in any web analytics tools either has this metric or is sourced from this metric. It shows up as a raw count or in the shape of percentages or in the numerator or denominator or when we torture it by doing global averages and on and…

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