Nine Rules To Work / Live By

As a people manager one of the greatest tips I have received was to share and be explicit about what my values are. Values that govern my work life, what motivates me, how I work etc. The tip was provided in the context of accelerating the on-boarding process for new team members but I have found it to be useful beyond that.

After a bit of self reflection I had a small list that in a burst of creativity and imagination was titled “The Rules”. They reflect my values and perhaps more interestingly are sourced from life lessons, some from good experiences and some that were not quite as delightful as one would have preferred. But as they say we are but a…

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All Web Analytics Applications Should Be Free! Not.

A dear friend who works for a nice Web Analytics vendor wrote in an email something that surprised me a little bit. If someone else had said that it would not have been such a surprise, but it was someone whom I know well and for whom I have the greatest respect.

In the email the statement that my friend made was:

[ … ] your repeated insistence that web analytics applications should be free [ … ]

 This really made me think along two angles:

1] Hmm… does not sound like I have ever said that explicitly or implicitly.

2] Do I really think that? Should all applications…

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