London Calling. Dinner Anyone?

I am going to be in London next week presenting at the E-consultancy Masterclass. I was wondering if anyone would like to get together for dinner on Tuesday night, November 21st. We can talk shop or web analytics or the Iraq war (!) or anything else. If you are interested please email me at blog at kaushik dot net.

Perhaps we can meet at 1800 hrs and go from there until we have to get back to our homes / work. : )

I am staying at: 162 Cromwell Road London SW5 0TT. I honestly have no idea where it is, but some place close to this location would be…

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Excellent Analytics Tip #8: Measure the Real Conversion Rate & "Opportunity Pie"

The topic of my speech at the E-consultancy Online Marketing Masterclasses 2006 in London is "Conversion Rate Optimization: What, Why, How".

While working on one of the slides (Tip # 9) the realization dawned that we measure conversion rate rather sub optimally and in a way that grossly overestimates the improvement possibilities.

This post will cover how you can improve your Conversion Rate in ten minutes by doing nothing more than applying simple math or by doing some really amazing investigative work you can figure out what your Real Conversion Rate (TM) is and help your company figure out what the actual size of the opportunity you have on your website…

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