Ten Minutes With…….. Jason Burby, ZAAZ

There is perhaps no other person in our young Web Analytics industry who is quite as prolific as Jason Burby. Maybe Mr. Sterne, but thats about it. Jason is the Director of Web Analytics / Optimization at ZAAZ.

In his role at ZAAZ he leads the team that does cutting edge analytics and consulting for some of the biggest companies in the US, he also speaks at many conferences (in the US and abroad), he hosts seminars, he writes columns (example: ClickZ), he is the co-Chair of the WAA Standards committee and a bunch more things.

I had the opportunity recently to spend a day with the whole team at ZAAZ and…

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Podcast: Measuring Rich Media (Ajax, Flash / Flex, RSS & Blogs)

I recently had the opportunity to record a couple of podcasts with Wendi Malley of the Web Analytics Association’s Research Committee. The topic of the podcasts was Measuring Rich Media. A heavy and ambiguous topic if there ever was one. Wendi was kind enough to point me to the Wikipedia definition of Rich Media:

Rich media is the term used to describe a broad range of interactive digital media that exhibit dynamic motion, taking advantage of enhanced sensory features such as video, audio and animation. The term is used to describe widely varying technologies and implementations and an exact definition is elusive.

Like everyone else I have used lots…

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