Lab Usability Testing: What, Why, How Much.

On this blog we have talked about the importance of the “Why” often. Web Analytics usually simply helps us understand the “What”. Clickstream data typically does not tell us why something happened. We have stressed how important it is to know the Why in order to derive actionable insights around customer behavior on the website and outcomes from that behavior.

Essentially people do weird stuff on our websites, clickstream won’t tell us why, so we have to ask them why. That’s your Eureka moment.

Early on in the blog I had talked about using surveys as a great way to have a continuous listening methodology when it comes to website visitors.…

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Is Real-Time Analytics Really Relevant?

It seems that every good web analyst / practitioner / director / vp’s wish list of a perfect web analytics tool starts with a desire to get “real-time” data.

The thought being that with the fast pace of the web and everything changing all the time getting real-time data is mandatory to being able to take advantage of all that the web has to offer from its ability to cough up so much data.

This customer desire seems to be so pervasive that every little and big web analytics vendor prominently advertises how real-time their data is. Someone says I can do every five hours, the next guy says…

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