Ten Minutes With… Mike Moran, IBM

In this installment of the Ten Minutes With series we speak with Mike Moran, Product Manager for IBM's OmniFind search product. I was thrilled when Mike agreed to do this interview since he is so well known in this space and always has such deep insights. The fact that we can benefit from his wisdom on such a popular / important / cool topic is such a treat.

There are so many things about Mike, I don’t know where to start. First off he is the author of a wildly successful book on SEM: Search Engine Marketing Inc. The book, co-authored with Bill Hunt, has praise left, right and center…

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The Blog Tag Game – Something New, Something Personal.

I am a fan of blogs having personalities and for the author to shine through in terms of being their honest selves (see here for more). But non-personal blogs, like this one, provide one facet of the author and I agree that the person does not come through completely because some personal context is missing.

With that in mind I have agreed to participate in the game of Blog Tag that has been going around the blogosphere. It originated with Jeff Pulver, and I was “tagged” by Dave Gale who is a peer blogger from South Africa.

The objective of the “game” is really simple: Share five things about yourself that…

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