Five Free "Advanced" Web Analytics Examples: Look Outside, Think Different.

When it comes to data your website log files or javascript data is not the only source of information. There are a number of resources on the web that are available to us for free, resources that can add to what you already have or in some cases fill in holes in your data strategy.

This post is a collection of a few of these resources and with specific examples of reports you can run and action you can take for your company to gain a competitive advantage (however small or big).

Two important points first:

1) The overall goal of this post is to stretch our minds and…

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2007 Predictions: Web Analytics

Andy Beal of the Marketing Pilgrim has tagged me for a new blog tagging meme that has just started. Andy was sweet enough to play when I tagged him for the personally tag game so it is only fair that we play along for his game!

The 2007 Predictions tag game was started by Mashable. I think it is more dangerous than the personal blog tag game because in this one you actually have to come up with something intelligent (and one's “performance” can be measured at the end of time!).

It took me six minutes to write this and I am sure it will have turned out to…

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