E-consultancy Masterclass Reflections: Personas, Customer Value, Customer Retention and Non-line Marketing

The 2006 e-consultancy Online Marketing Masterclass event in London was a jam packed day of fantastic speakers, a wonderfully intelligent audience and great conversations. The RIBA is a great location as well, Ashley and the nice e-consultancy team deserve a big round of applause. As at all such events there was so much to learn […]

Excellent Analytics Tip #8: Measure the Real Conversion Rate & "Opportunity Pie"

The topic of my speech at the E-consultancy Online Marketing Masterclasses 2006 in London is "Conversion Rate Optimization: What, Why, How". While working on one of the slides (Tip # 9) the realization dawned that we measure conversion rate rather sub optimally and in a way that grossly overestimates the improvement possibilities. This post will […]