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KnowledgeOn July 24th I had the privilege of giving a presentation at the Google Mountain View headquarters as a part of Google’s TechTalk series (thanks Brett). The topic was Customer Centric Web Decision Making.

The talk covered some of the topics that I have already blogged about here but there is a lot of new material I have not had a chance to blog about.

I really enjoyed the session and thought that I’ll share the video with you all. The video is 46 mins long and there are some great questions from the Google audience at the end.

I have to forewarn you that the quality of the video is good but not exceptional. Most of the time you’ll be able to make out the slides great but the presenter, yours truly, will hover around like a shadow (!). The audio is very good, maybe I should have converted this into a podcast. : ) Here is the talk…….

If you watch the video I would love to get your feedback / critique. Anything is fair game: style, slides, content, message, presenter, ok even the lighting. : )

I hope you’ll find some value in the video, thanks in advance for your comments and feedback.


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    Great presentation!

    Will you post the links that you mention in your presentation? Specifically the site you mention at about 22 minutes in….


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    Sanjay Smith says

    Excellent presentation Avinash, it brings together many different pieces in a way that is hard to do in a blog. I especially liked your articulation or the "trinity" mindset, it is so different from the standard web analytics framing.

    I am going to send this out to everyone in our department, thank you for sharing the link.

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    Robert: The site I mention at min 22 is http://www.acsi.org which is the website where you can get the American Customer Satisfaction Index scores for various industries and individual companies.

    Since we are in the technology and ecommerce industries I recommend comparing your score to the ACSI Ecommerce Index since in my mind these companies create expectations of what a good customer experience is.

    Alternatively you can pick your industry from this page.

    Hope this is what you were looking for.

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    Hi Avinash,

    Thanks for sharing your great presentation.

    I was very curious to see it since Aurélie and Siegert attended the eMetrics @ London where you did a similar presentation and it has influenced them ever since, debating and discussing what the future of Web Analytics will be. I saw the slides, but the slides aren't anywhere as powerful as the video ;-)

    I really enjoyed your comments regarding multivariable testing.

    We've been working these past months on a MV module for our eMarketing Content Management System (OniSystem.eu) and we've also taken into account multi goals.

    When designing the module I wanted to make something in which you could cross different tests and measure against any kind of goal you could think of.

    The module therefore allows you to measure the conversion against almost any desired action (purchase, newsletter subscription, contact, etc…) and this in a dynamic way. We've been runing some tests with our WebAnalytics.be website and it's very interesting to see that some combinations drive more leads than others, while an other combination drives more subscriptions to our newsletter.
    Based on these findings we've decided to push the module further and build a segmentation module allowing us to define different versions based on various variables, collected through the system or inherent to the information we gather from a first time visitor. So this can be based on the profile (once we know who the visitor is) and also based on other things such as referals, date and time of the visit, etc…

    It's really exciting to build this kind of modules as it's an intellectual challenge. As we produce our own systems (besides WebAnalytics all other tools that we install at our clients are homemade) we try to keep them as flexible and open as possible as we know that the web is not an island and the data will be (in a near future) pushed towards other systems (eg. DW, BI) or will be needed to be integrated with other tools.

    I'm really looking forward meeting you personnaly in Washington at the next eMetrics and share some ideas with you. I'm really curious to see what you think about our eMarketing Platform (I prefer the word eMarketing Platform than CMS as from our point of view CMS is also dead ;-)) that we've been building these past 3 years. One of the reasons why we call it Platform is because we wanted to get the data close to the people actually working on the website, allowing them to instantly see how their modifications were impacting the goal of the website(s) they manage. As Aurelie often says, the important thing is to get the data to the right people so that they can learn from the results and take action, whether the results are available in a granular format or uprolled (and simplified) for management. So the platform remains open, allowing for direct integration of Google Analytics and WebTrends tags that will influence directly WebTrends' ini files but also any types of import and export funtionalities.

    Please keep up the good work and praise the good word as you've been doing these past months.

    Kind Regards,

    CEO OX2 (www.ox2.be)

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    Neal Amsden says

    Our web analytics team has become fans of your blog and I'm really enjoying the Google video (about halfway through). Any chance of getting the slides themselves? It seems that all of your highlighted points are in red and the text just drops out….

    Keep it coming.

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    Neal: The presentation as it can't be shared because it contains some real data that is only for show and tell and not show and share. As a employee of another great silicon valley company I am sure you understand. My apologies.

    But there are some "generic" slides in there. If you are particularly interested in something let me know (blog at kaushik dot net) and I'll see if that is shareable and send it off.

    Thanks for the kind words and for your comments (please do post your feedback / critique when you are completely done watching : ).

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    Great presentation. Web analystics in Malaysia is still in the stone ages. I am a recent convert and only now plowing a lot of my company's resources into it now. It is amazing what we have learnt in such a short time. I am completely changing how we work on our websites these days.

    I now make this blog compulsory reading for my people these days.

    Would you recommend any other resources or books? I am looking for material to introduce the concepts, ideas and techniques to new members of my staff. Need something to break them in! :)

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    Loke: If they are itching to get going in terms of computing KPI's then look no further than dear Mr. Peterson's book. Here is a link to a special offer:


    (Note: 1. Can't beat 100% satisfaction guarantee. 2. I get nothing out of this recommendation except for a bushel of love from Eric! :)

    One of the best resources are the webinar's / webcasts's from each tool vendor. They do try to sell you their software but they also contain great learnings that you can use, no matter which vendor's webinars you listen to or what tool you use. Here are some links:


    You can also find your own at any vendor's site.

    As for myself I am going to switch to using your company's excellent BaZi Q&A Analysis, with a service that promises "Your Most Crucial Questions Answered!", for $24.95, sign me up!!! : )

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    Lisa Seaman says

    I'm not sure I ever got what the "Trinity" is. Is it 1) web insights, 2) customer satisfaction, and 3) customer experience?

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    Hi Avinash – Hope you are well!

    Would you have any objection to me showing this video to the Scotland group of the Web Analytics Association at our next learning session? We're meeting this Wednesday evening and I'm sure our little group will enjoy this much more than hearing me witter on again!

    Thanks! Vicky

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    Angelo Calabrese says

    I am very impressed with this. I am trying to learn and I found this more than fascinating. I appreciated every minute of this presentation.
    Thanks Again

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    I was looking for a podcast link of google tech talks in general. Here in India, the youtube will take much time and will be slow. But audio podcasts are fine, and I enjoy TED talks quite a lot that way. Can you pass on the request within the google for same please…


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