Stop Obsessing About Conversion Rate

Most web analytics practitioners define Conversion Rate as the percent of site visitors who do something the company who owns the website wants them to do. So submit a order, sign up for a email, send a lead etc.

Measuring Conversion Rate is usually the cornerstone, if not the king queen and jester of the court, of any web analytics program. It is perhaps the very first “KPI” that is measured by any good analyst and we can’t seem to get enough of it.  We report it up and down the chain of command and it occupies a place of prime importance when we present to senior management.

After all why…

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Excellent Analytics Tip#4: Make Your Analysis/Reports "Connectable"

We have already beaten this horse dead, several times over: Web analysis is hard, there is too much data, don’t know how much of it to trust.

Also yes your job as a web analyst is a very hard one, even if you overcome the data hurdles there is still the challenge of convincing people to listen to you and take action based on your analysis / insights.

Perhaps it is because we swim in “session_id’s” and  “shopper_id’s” and “evar’s” and “parameters” and “strings” that often the analysis that comes out of all that excellent work is very "dry". One of the reasons our decision makers don’t jump up and…

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