Build A Great Web Experimentation & Testing Program

It is a crime against our customers if we don’t have a robust web Experimentation & Testing program in our respective companies. That is a bold statement but a good testing program is truly game changing in multiple ways.

(If you have not read the Experimentation and Testing Primer post I recommend that as foundational material for this post.)

The good news is that Experimentation and Testing is increasingly being accepted as something any decent web program should constantly be engaged in. The wonderful thing is that now technology makes it increasingly easy to test your ideas and insights, cheaply and quickly.

We are not limited by the long…

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The Awesome Power of Data Visualization

[ NOTE: There is a updated version of this post & visualization: Click Here. ]

We all deal with data and we do our best to crunch it and munch it and scrunch it and beat it to death to find some actionable insights. Then we go up against a “committee” or to a decision maker and present our insights only to cause a lot less action to be taken than we had originally anticipated.

Effective communication of reports / data / insights / tables / graphs / stuff is extremely hard, and it is harder still in the complex ecosystem that is the web where there are sixteen things changing…

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