Experimentation and Testing: A Primer

This post is a primer on the delightful world of testing and experimentation (A/B, Multivariate, and a new term from me: Experience Testing). There is a lot on the web about A/B or Multivariate testing but my hope in this post is to give you some rationale around importance and then a point of view on each methodology along with some tips. I covered Experimentation and Testing during my recent speech at the Emetrics Summit and here is the text from that slide: Experiment or Go Home: Customers yell our problems (when they call or see us), they bitch, they rarely provide solutions Our bosses always think they represent site…

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The 10 / 90 Rule for Magnificent Web Analytics Success


Numerous studies have pointed out that while almost all Fortune 500 companies have great investments in "Web Analytics" they still struggle to make any meaningful business decisions. Most people complain that there are tera bytes of data and giga bytes of reports and mega bytes of Excel and PowerPoint files. Yet no actionable insights, no innate awareness of what is really going on through the clutter of site clickstream data. Through my humble experience in this field I have developed a rule to fix this problem and achieve Magnificent Success. I call it the 10 / 90 rule. Here it what it says…….. Our Goal: Highest value from Web Analytics…

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