Ten Minutes With…….. Matt Belkin

Ten Minutes With….. is a new series where occasionally I’ll interview interesting people on the topic of Web Decision Making. With my questions I am hoping to get to know the interviewee a bit better, for them to share thoughts about their company/work and finally glean insights that might be helpful to all of us in the industry.  I hope you’ll enjoy the series.

My first interview is with someone I find extremely interesting: Matt Belkin. Matt’s the VP for Best Practices for Omniture Inc. Most recently I met Matt at the Emetrics summit in Santa Barbara and I am always struck by his passion for our space, a passion that is contagious.

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Excellent Analytics Tip#3: Turbocharge Your SEM/PPC Analysis

Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click, is the hottest thing around. Everyone is doing it and if you are not doing it you dare not admit it for the fear of looking crazy. There are more agencies and consultants out there than you could care to count and all of us are trying to work with all of them trying to do our best.

My hypothesis is that while a few companies are laughing all the way to the bank as a result of their SEM/PPC campaigns the rest are probably not maximizing return on investment.

We in the Web Insights world can play a killer role in helping our companies truly…

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